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كورس Basic accounting in arabic عربي مجانا من يوديمي

كورس Basic accounting in arabic عربي مجانا من يوديمي

– ((accounting is easy to learn when taught the right way))

– Basic accounting course is not just theory but also takes real-life examples by creating

your company and using it through the accounting process. It is meant for students who

would like to understand the accounting concept by easy examples to stick the information

in their minds.

Basic accounting in arabic
 Basic accounting in arabic

Our course is perfect for you if:

  •  If you are learning accounting to do accounts for your own business
  • If you hope to start a career in accounting or finance
  • If you need a refresher course on accounting fundamentals
  • If you already work in finance and want to learn new skills
In this course you will get out by:

Even if you know nothing about accounting you will finish this course within the

confidence to:

  • Do the books for your business
  •  Prepare the financial statement for your business
  • Why this is the best course in accounting basic?

As you know accounting is a huge subject, so we have carefully selected the best topics

to include in our basic accounting course. We will then teach them in the right order

from the first step in the accounting cycle till the final step and also all the topics we will

teach them by example in an easy way so you can relate the topic to real life.

After you finish this course, you will be able to:

1) Describe the meaning of accounting

2) Know how will use the accounting data

3) Know the accounting standards

4) What is the basic accounting equation

5) How to use the accounting transaction

6) How to create and understand the five financial statements

7) Distinguish between debt and credit and when its debt and when its credit

8) Know the steps in the recording process

9) How to create and understand the trial balance

10) What are the time issues

11) What are the adjusting entries and how do them

12) How to prepare to adjust entries trial balance

13) How to prepare and use a worksheet

14) How to close the books

15) What are the eight steps of the accounting cycle

16) Know the classification of financial position.


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